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Kitchen remodels can be overwhelming at first. Read on for the gold nuggets of wisdom produced by top kitchen remodeling contractors!

  1. Timeline for your Cardiff kitchen remodel
  2. Tile selections for your Cardiff kitchen remodel
  3. Please make two lists before you search kitchen remodel near me

1. Timeline for Your Cardiff Kitchen Remodel

For winter/spring/2021 remodeling, here are a few things to consider.

Lead time on material is beyond our control, so of course these estimates are really really approximate.

Small kitchen remodel projects in Cardiff or San Diego including, 10×10 kitchens, 10×12 kitchens, 12×15, from demolition to finishing touches may take 8 to 16 weeks. For average kitchen remodel cost, call (858) 775-7628 or click here for a free consultation now!

2. Tile Selections for Your Cardiff Kitchen

Home remodeling contractors who are worth their salt will all tell you to keep your eye out for the following:

Good – ceramic. Ceramic tiles are basically baked clay, they chip easily because they are brittle. Not a good durable option. Home flippers use ceramic tile often because of the attractive price point.

Better – Porcelain. Porcelain is probably the 80% of the 80/20 rule. Most families can find a wonderful porcelain tile option most of the time.

Brand/origin advice: The best porcelain in the world comes out of Italy. The second best comes out of Spain. If you buy from either of these places, you’ve got a pretty good shot at really liking your tile.

Best – stone. Of course, real stone will be the most durable but it also comes with a cost that reflects that durability. The cost of mining, manufacturing, cutting, and sanding to the desired finish is high. Some stone tiles can cost $150 per square foot, and many most more than that.

You may think that durability is the primary concern when looking at tile options, but unfortunately you need to worry about uniformity too.

There are knockoff versions of every product known to man and the devil is in the details. If you hire the BEST remodeling contractor in the state and give him boxes of cheap tile, you may have to:

  • Throw away up to 40% of the tile before use
  • Spend extra labor to trim tiles that are not uniform for your kitchen or baths
  • End up with asymmetrical tile lay patterns after all that extra headache

You’re buying tile so infrequently…save yourself! Buy once, buy right

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3. Please Make Two Lists Before You Begin

Here are examples of the two lists that you’ll want to create for yourself before searching home remodeling contractors near me:

Must Have List for Kitchen Renovation

  • Replace appliances
  • New cabinets
  • New counter tops
  • Updated plumbing 
  • Updated electrical
  • New flooring

Wish List for Kitchen Renovation

  • New doors 
  • New windows
  • Additional lighting
  • Blow out a wall
  • Add indoor/outdoor seating

Whether you are listing several items or just a few, your clarity will allow you to major in the majors when you address how to get the most for your budget. Budget?…Yes! What about the bottom line kitchen renovation cost?

How Much Does A Kitchen Remodel Cost in Cardiff by the Sea?

This is sort of like asking how much a new car costs. Obviously, the answer depends (a lot) on the type and the options you want! Having said that, we tend to cater to homeowners in North County with home values of $1,000,000 to $4,000,000+ and our remodels typically cost anywhere from $60,000 to $250,000. For a better estimate, click here to set up free consultation.

How long does it take?

Most of our kitchen projects take 6 to 16 weeks. Looking for a kitchen makeover but not a full-scale kitchen remodel? This could take 3 to 10 weeks.

Why Choose Teknik for Your Cardiff Kitchen Remodel?

Let us be your guide for home renovation as you strive to avoid the blunders that make our industry look bad. When you work with us, we help you avoid:

  • Late Completion  
  • Going Over Budget
  • Overuse of Subcontractors

Still apprehensive about calling? You’ll be 100% protected with our Spoiled Rotten Customer Guarantee.

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Call (888) 747-2013 or click here for a free consultation now!

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