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  1. Please shop for your contractor, not your contract
  2. Timeline of La Jolla Kitchen Remodel
  3. Kitchen Permits in La Jolla

Man, we know about being eager to get started and not being sure who to start with.

But don’t worry. In this article, we’ll show you who you can start with! 

Read on for the first three things you MUST KNOW before you begin your home renovation!

1. Shop For Your Remodeling Contractor, Not Your Contract

We know, we get it! Search “remodeling contractors near me”. Then search “average kitchen remodel cost”. Then get a bunch of bids from home remodeling contractors and decide on the right kitchen renovation expert.

Sounds like a good idea but the truth is, you’ll end up with one of the average home remodeling contractors and larger-than-average problems.

Adding insult to injury, you’ll have change orders to fix those problems…but you no doubt chose that contractor to save money and manage your La Jolla kitchen remodel cost so you’re actually upside down a little bit.

If you want the truth, ask the car salesman where he buys cars for his kids…

Ask the luxury jewelry saleswoman where she buys her personal diamonds…

Ask the remodeling expert how he shops for a kitchen remodel specialist to do work on his home and how he value engineers his own projects to achieve both of the objectives:

  1. Get the job done right the first time
  2. Do it as efficiently as possible 

If you shop for your contractor, not your contract you can have the best of both.

2. Timeline of La Jolla Kitchen Remodels

For kitchen remodels in La Jolla, here are a few things to consider:

Lead time on material is beyond the control of your contractor, so these estimates are really really approximate.

Medium to large kitchen remodels in the city of La Jolla include 10×10 kitchens, 10×12 kitchens, 12×15 kitchens, and open concept kitchen that are 15×20 or larger.:

  1. Plan on your windows and your cabinets taking the longest of all the finish materials for your kitchen renovation.
  2. Cabinet lead time is anywhere from 3 to 10 weeks depending on the manufacturer you choose and the quality of finish you are willing to invest in.

It is common to collaborate with your kitchen remodeling contractors for two to four weeks+ to make sure everything is ready to order. Once ordered, you’ll wait two weeks for the plumbing to come in, and then get started.

From start to finish your La Jolla kitchen remodel may take three or four months; more if it involves structural modification.

The demolition to finishing touches for your La Jolla kitchen remodel may only be 12 to 16 weeks.

3. Kitchen Permits in La Jolla

After design is almost complete you’re ready to submit to the city. Permitting takes several weeks but after you receive either approval or your comments back, you’ll be ready…

Ready for what? You’ll be ready to either:

  • Make adjustments to home renovation based on the comments from the city.
  • Solidify the budget and estimate based on the permitted design.
  • Just need a small kitchen remodel? Same situation.

The permitting process can feel like hurry up and wait even if you’re working with the most experienced remodeling companies near you. Permitting has taken up to twice as long since the March restrictions were put into place. Some permits in La Jolla are taking 8 to 16 weeks to be issued. This extended timeline does not impact your kitchen renovation cost.

Why Choose Teknik for Your La Jolla Kitchen Makeovers?

Let us be your remodeling contractor guide as you strive to avoid the blunders that make our industry look bad…especially with kitchen and baths. When you work with us, we help you avoid:

  • Late Completion  
  • Going Over Budget
  • Overuse of Subcontractors

Still apprehensive about calling? You’ll be 100% protected with our Spoiled Rotten Customer Guarantee.

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