Preparations for Custom Home Additions in San Diego

When was the last time you made an update to your home? Hire a talented contractor from Teknik Inc. when you want to do new custom home additions in San Diego. Our remodeling specialists can help you with a new office, build the exercise room you have always wanted, or add a beautiful custom sunroom to the back of your home so you can enjoy the magnificent California sun. We help you with your project, providing the help you need to ensure that your project starts in a fast and efficient manner.

Before you even start thinking about custom home additions in San Diego, it is vital that you find out if you can even legally add an addition to your home. There are building codes, zoning limits, and legal restrictions put in place that will let you know what can and cannot be built on your land. These restrictions include building area ratios, preservation ordinances, and how close a structure can come to the property lines.

Once you know you can build on your property, you need to discuss the home additions you need with your contractor. A variety of issues will need to be covered, such as materials, layout, and dimensions. Having a plan on hand before you start building will give you a better idea of the cost and help your contractor provide you with a more precise timeline for completion.

After the plans for your addition have been adequately laid out, the permit for construction is the final step in preparation. The plans will be submitted to the building and safety department to ensure the proper permit is in place. Your proposals will be reviewed by the department. If everything complies with the property and zoning standards, your permit to begin construction will be issued.

The talented team at Teknik Inc. is known for creating incredible custom home additions in San Diego. When you are seeking an extra bedroom, spare bathroom, or a fabulous sunroom, you can contact us today. Our specialists will speak to you about your needs and provide you with a free estimate for our services.