Custom Home Additions in San Diego

When was the last time you made an update to your home? Hire a talented contractor from Teknik Inc. when you want to do new custom home additions in San Diego. Thinking of adding a new office, a sunroom or a guest house to maximize your property usage? Our remodeling specialists can help you with your project, providing the help you need to ensure that your project starts in a fast and efficient manner.

Before contemplating custom home additions in San Diego, it is crucial to determine if adding an extension to your home is legally permissible. Building codes, zoning constraints, and legal regulations will dictate what can and cannot be constructed on your property. These limitations encompass building area ratios, preservation laws, and the proximity of structures to property boundaries.

Once the feasibility of building on your property is established, it is essential to consult with your contractor regarding the necessary home additions. Various aspects must be addressed, including materials, layout, and dimensions. Having a well-thought-out plan before commencing construction will provide a clearer understanding of the costs involved and enable your contractor to furnish you with a more accurate completion timeline.

Subsequently, obtaining the construction permit marks the final preparation step. The plans will be submitted to the building and safety department for the requisite permit. The department will review your proposals, ensuring compliance with property and zoning regulations. Upon meeting all standards, you will be granted the permit to commence construction.

The talented team at Teknik Inc. is known for creating incredible custom home additions in San Diego. When you are seeking an extra bedroom, spare bathroom, or a fabulous sunroom, you can contact us today. Our specialists will speak to you about your needs and provide you with a free estimate for our services.