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“I’m just sorry I’m out of bathrooms!”

“He’s on speed dial in case we have another project”

“This is our second remodel with Kevin”

These are just a few of testimonials we’ve gotten for our bathroom remodels in San Diego.  We’ve racked up dozens of 5-star reviews since 2001.  Please click here for more.

Combine beauty and practicality in your bathrooms with a helping hand from Teknik Inc. From minor updates to entire bathroom makeovers, our kitchen and bath experts in San Diego take on any project and complete it smoothly and efficiently.

Worried About “The Other Guys'” Promises for Your Bathroom?

Starting a bathroom renovation can be a scary thing. You think:

  • Is this a bait-and-switch quote that will change later?
  • What if something goes wrong? Will the company be able to finish the project?
  • Can I really trust my contractor when I’m not at home?

We know how you feel!

Our founder, Kevin Tootoonchi, found his friends and family members sharing the exact same concerns before he decided to start Teknik.

“The three biggest problems I saw in the industry were bait-and-switch quotes, subcontractors my friends didn’t feel comfortable leaving in their home alone, and projects that went way over their completion date,” says Kevin.

The problem is other contractors give you a quick quote without being sure they can staff it, and don’t spend enough time analyzing your home.  This leads to surprises, changes, delays, and projects that go over budget.  Here’s their timeline:

The Other Guys' Timeline

They also complain that the “other guys”:

  • send a crew who wears dirty clothes
  • use subcontractors (so there’s a new face in your home daily)
  • when unexpected changes to the job occur, they have to change their quoted price

These are some of the problems with San Diego remodelers we’ve fought hard to improve.

Why Choose Teknik to Remodel Your Bathroom

Here are three reasons to choose Teknik for your bathroom project.

  1. Our clients come back to us over… and over…. and over.  Please see their praises here.
  2. Only Teknik has “The Perfect Remodel Plan” and “The Three T Promise”
  3. Clean-Cut Crew… not the Motley Crew – We don’t use subs.  Our Clean-Cut Crew are employees only.  They are happy, friendly, well paid, and clean up their work every day

The Perfect Remodel Plan

Whereas other contractors spend little time planning your project and a LOT of time putting out fires and making changes once the project begins, we heavily front-load our time commitment to our projects to ensure accurate quoting and no surprises.

Our project timeline looks like this:

The Teknik Perfect Remodel Timeline

As you can see, when we start your actual project, we’re already half-way done!

The steps to our Perfect Remodel Plan are:

  1. Dream Design – Our expert designers work with you to make a functional, beautiful bathroom you’ll love
  2. True Quote – We get to know your bathrooms extremely well (even looking in the walls) to ensure accuracy and deliver you a quote you can trust
  3. On-Time Completion – We don’t use subcontractors.  We know we can staff the jobs we take and we complete 99% of our projects on-time or ahead of schedule

Unofficially, step 4 is to throw a big party!  But don’t invite your neighbors that get jealous easily! 

Teknik Testimonial

The Three T Promise

Here’s our promise to you.

  • True quote – Because we spend so much time up front in your home, we eliminate surprises so you know your quote is true.
  • Trustworthy crew – We don’t use subcontractors.  You’ll see the same friendly faces every day and get to know our crew on a first-name basis.
  • Timely – We finish on-time or ahead of schedule 99% of the time.  Again see our testimonials for proof.

The Teknik Three T Promise

Why You’ll Love our “Clean-Cut Crew”

Some of the biggest complaints we hear about other contractors is their team.  They:

  • dress sloppy and dirty
  • smoke on the job
  • don’t clean up after themselves
  • there’s a new subcontractor in your home every day (no trust)

That’s usually because most contractors use subcontractors who are hard to manage, and they pay them very little.

Our team is clean and tidy.  And everyone comments about it.

That’s why they’re called the “Clean-Cut Crew.”

We often become friends with our clients and develop quite a level of trust.

“Many of our own clients just hand us the the keys and go on vacation.  THAT is the kind of trust homeowners should have with their contractor!” says Kevin.

For a free consultation, call us at 888-747-2013 or click here.

Common Questions About Your Bathroom Remodel

How much does a newly remodeled bathroom cost?

This is sort of like asking how much a new car costs.  Obviously, the answer depends (a lot) on the type and the options you want!  Having said that, we tend to cater to homeowners in North County with home values of $900,000 to $3,000,000+ and our remodels typically cost anywhere from $30,000 to $80,000.  For a better estimate, click here to set up free consultation.

How long does it take?

Most of our bathroom projects take 8 to 12 weeks.

What is the process?

Please see “The Perfect Remodel Plan” section above.

Do you use subcontractors?

No.  You’ll see the same warm and friendly faces on your job every day (and you’ll get to know each others’ names).  They’ll be clean-cut, courteous, and clean up every day.  Our goal is absolute trust.  If you want to run to work, run some errands, or even take a vacation, you should feel comfortable doing that.

Where in San Diego do you work?

We’ll go anywhere in San Diego from Chula Vista in the South to La Mesa or El Cajon in the East.  We do a lot of work in North county such as Encinitas, Del Mar, La Jolla, Carlsbad, Escondido, and Oceanside.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, and we call it “The Spoiled Rotten Guarantee.”  If anything goes wrong with our work during the 1st year after completion, we’ll fix it *free of charge.

Next Steps

If you want more than just a beautiful bathroom…

If you live in San Diego and want a smooth, headache free bathroom remodel, at the actual price quoted to you, then please contact us for a free consultation.

We treat your bathrooms like our own and go to extraordinary lengths to create a space that meets your specifications without going beyond your financial limits. With help from our San Diego kitchen and bath remodeling crew, you’ll be able to enjoy a stunning and fully functional space with time and money to spare.

Glass floor shower in modern black bathroom interior with travertine walls in wellness spa center

We are San Diego home remodeling experts transforming bathrooms. Are you ready to transform your bathroom? Make an appointment with our designers to explore your options for home remodeling in San Diego. We discuss your plans in-depth to get a clear image of your vision for the space. Once we’ve gathered the appropriate information, we lay out a plan that fits your schedule and price range.

Contact our kitchen and bath experts at (888) 747-2013 to explore design options for your bathroom. We proudly serve clients from throughout San Diego, California, and the surrounding areas.

*The Spoiled Rotten Guarantee is a labor warranty for our work. If you experience problems with materials (such as cabinetry, flooring, or countertops), that will typically fall under the manufacturer’s guarantee. Regardless, we’ll help steer you in the right direction and if it’s our fault, we’ll fix it!

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