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The Lingo…

When you hop online to find contractors to call, any of the following terms may help you to add clarity to your message, or to ask for clarity when they share their process…

  • I’d like to speak with someone about a partial bathroom remodel
  • I’d like to speak with someone about a shower replacement
  • I’d like to speak with someone about an existing shower-tub combo that I need to convert to a walk-in shower
  • I’d like to speak with someone about removing my fiberglass insert and replacing it with a new tile shower
  • I’d like to speak with someone about replacing my bathtub and retiling the wall
  • I’d like to speak with someone about new plumbing fixtures and tile in my shower

The biggest cost of any bathroom renovation is the shower. For your reborn bath solutions, replacing the shower will have the biggest impact on both function and beauty. Call to see what our bath fitters cost or a free consultation at 858-775-7628.

Good Tile

Ceramic tiles are basically baked clay, they chip easily because they are brittle. Not a good durable option. Flippers use ceramic tile often because of the attractive price point.

Better Tile

Porcelain. Porcelain is probably the 80% of the 80/20 rule. Most families can find a wonderful porcelain tile option most of the time.

Brand/origin advice: The best porcelain in the world comes out of Italy. The second best comes out of Spain. If you buy from either of these places, you’ve got a pretty good shot at really liking your tile.

The Best Tile

Stone. Of course, real stone will be the most durable but it also comes with a cost that reflects that durability. The cost of mining, manufacturing, cutting, and sanding to the desired finish is high. Some stone tiles can cost $150 per square foot, and many most more than that.

Top Small Bathroom Remodel La Jolla

So Now What?…

Find A Bathroom Remodeling Expert with Positive Collective Feedback

Home owners are using the Next Door app. to find out about who their neighbors trust.,, and are three other trusted sites that make it difficult hide if you’re a poorly run company.

You can rest assured that in 2020, now more than ever, people are transparent online about their experiences in real life.

The benefit to the home owner cannot be overstated since you will likely find specifics in each review that will help you to understand which qualities are prominent whether positive or negative.

Why Choose Teknik for Your La Jolla Shower Replacement?

Let us be your guide as you strive to avoid the blunders that make our industry look bad. When you work with us, we help you avoid:

  • Late Completion  
  • Going Over Budget
  • Overuse of Subcontractors

Still apprehensive about calling? You’ll be 100% protected with our Spoiled Rotten Customer Guarantee.

Top- Rated Small Bathroom Remodel La Jolla

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