Why We Do Not Provide Initial Estimates

At Teknik Design & Remodeling, we strive to redefine the remodeling experience in San Diego, moving beyond the traditional 'estimate' model. We've honed a strategic and surgical process that provides our clients with a "True Quote" — a more accurate, more reliable method to approach kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Unlike an estimate, which is formed by judgment or opinion, our "True Quote" is derived from a meticulous process of understanding and planning. We commence by building a comprehensive profile of your project’s scope and vision. This involves reviewing every aspect of the project, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Following the initial review, our team presents a variety of design options tailored to your needs and preferences. Having a company like ours design your plans proves beneficial, as our experience enables us to foresee potential challenges during the demolition, remodeling, and building phases - obstacles that traditional design firms might miss.

We then progress to the Demo Discovery phase, where we uncover what might be hidden behind the scenes that could impact the project's outcome. Our team also accompanies you to various San Diego vendors, assisting with material selection, a key factor that influences the "True Quote."

Finally, armed with all the necessary details, we can provide you the "True Quote," offering an impressive 90% accuracy on the construction cost of the project. This careful, strategic planning reduces the chances of unexpected Change Orders and "Oops!" scenarios.

Contact us at 858-775-7628 to start your remodeling journey. Experience the peace of mind that comes with Teknik's seamless, well-planned kitchen or bathroom remodeling process and the accuracy of our "True Quote." It’s time to bring your remodeling visions to life, minus the guesswork.