Choosing The Best Contractor for Your 1980’s Kitchen Remodel

If we were having a cup of coffee or a beer, we would shoot straight. We know you appreciate that. If you are considering a remodel for your 1980's kitchen, look no further for answers to these burning questions:

  • How do I know who the good contractors are and who I should avoid?
  • How many bids should I get?
  • What if I have my design and just need to find a builder to complete my kitchen?
  • I'm in a hurry, how fast can we get this project completed?

Boy, do we know how it feels to work in a 25 or 35 year old kitchen and wonder if any remodeler can deliver on the design you want.

But don’t worry. You’re in the perfect place! 

In this article, you can scan for answers to your questions, so you can get on with your day and call us for a consultation when it's convenient for you.

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What is A "Paper" General Contractor?

As you look at remodeling your 1980's kitchen, be aware that many contractors in San Diego are formally a general contractor, but it's on paper only.

In function, they are a project management firm only, and subcontract 100% of the work out to other firms.

This can have a devastating impact on your budget because your money wont go as far.

It is common for subcontractors to hire their own subcontractors which means you end up with many layers of unnecessary markup and a smaller scope than you wanted.

"I Have Spoken to Five Contractors"

Talking to many contractors only guarantees that you'll talk to many contractors.

The best approach to finding the San Diego Kitchen remodeling company that is right for you, is to prepare a clear framework of assessing compatibility.

With clear assessment standards in mind, you will be empowered to ask the right questions, and speak to each company, while wasting less time than your neighbors.

Remember the three priorities of every 1980's kitchen remodel: Speed, quality, and price. If you want it to be quick and low cost, quality will be affected. If you want quality and speed, price will be affected.

Call NOW to find out the FOURTH priority of every 1980's kitchen remodel!

"I Have My Plans Permitted and I'm Ready to Get Bids"

Unfortunately, the San Diego marketplace has remained frustrated with firms who provide permitted plan sets. Your plan set is also known as your construction documents (CD's). 

The reason for this frustration can be easily understood by the adage "They got the cart before the horse".

Even though updating a 1980's kitchen seems straightforward, the cost of construction is not fully understood by the parties at these design firms. Neither the architect, engineer, drafter, interior designer, nor the permit runner have typically completed a remodel.

Your plan set has been permitted because your municipality has confirmed that it meets code and zoning requirements. 

Yet, the biggest question of plausibility lies with affordability.  It would be wise to provide a design-build firm with your target budget up front, and get input on the price range before getting locked into a design. 

"I Am Moving-in In Two Months, So I Need It Done By Then...

We love a fast-moving kitchen remodel. But if you're moving in two months or even four months, you should prepare to move in before your remodel is complete. 

My goodness, my kitchen isn't that big! Do kitchen remodels take more than three or four months? Not necessarily. But...

Here are a few steps that will add time to the front end of your project timeline:

  1. initial site visits
  2. selecting your contractor
  3. design & budget parameters
  4. collaboration & selections

Since you will be occupying the home during the remodel, ensure you've found a firm that takes extra care to:

  1. be clean
  2. be clean cut
  3. protect your flooring
  4. mask off the construction area
  5. build containment area when necessary

Take It From Our Happy Customers

"Kevin had the work done as if it were his own house and the project was completed before the contractual completion date."  - Jack B., San Diego, CA

“This is our second remodel with Kevin. Once again, done on TIME! Great job! Just sorry we’re out of bathrooms! 🙂 He’s on speed dial in case we have another project.”   - Gary G., Encinitas

“Kevin told me to allow 25 days and it was done in just over two weeks.”  - Gina H., San Diego, CA

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Why choose Teknik for Your 1980's Kitchen?

For over 20 years, Teknik has been guiding San Diego home owners through their kitchen remodels and helping them to avoid these common mistakes made by other contractors:

  • Late Completion  
  • Going Over Budget 
  • Overuse of Subcontractors
1 - Dream Design

Step 1: Dream Design

We’ll collaborate with you to transform your dark and outdated space into bright and inviting space.  It all starts with your free consultation so book now!

Step 2 - True Quote

Step 2: True Quote

You can trust our service agreement!  We get to know your home intimately before working on it to ensure we stick to budget with no change orders.

Step 3 - Complete On-Time

Step 3: Complete On-Time

We'll make your dream come true and do it on-time and on budget!  Then it's party time!  Perhaps leave out your friends who get jealous easily.

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