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You Need A New 15×15 Kitchen Remodel? Read On!

The four stages of a 15x15 kitchen remodel

  1. Design 
  2. Permitting
  3. Selections
  4. Execution

Man, we know about being overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. 

But don’t worry. In this article, we'll show you how to prepare for the four stages of your 15x15 kitchen remodel! 

Read on to discover the four stages you MUST UNDERSTAND before you begin!

Teknik Testimonial

1. Design

On one hand, you've got ideas and dreams. 

On the other hand, you've got a physical home with physical limitations and a budget with limitations as well.

The process of design is the process of getting your design ideas to meet your budget. You've got to get into design elements, architecture, engineering, and selections in order to get to a tight budget price range.

But once your budget has been updated throughout the design process, you'll be able to value-engineer and play with different options to tweak the price until you find a number that works. This will feel like volley ball--it's a lot of back and forth!

2. Permitting

After design is almost complete you're ready to submit to the city. Permitting takes several weeks but after you receive either approval or your comments back, you'll be ready...

Ready for what? You'll be ready to either:

  1. Make adjustments based on the comments from the city.
  2. Solidify the budget and estimate based on the permitted design.

The permitting process can feel like hurry up and wait, especially if you're eager to get started. COVID has slowed down the process of getting a plan set through each department but it's going more smoothly this fall than earlier in the year!

Take It From Our Happy Customers

"Kevin had the work done as if it were his own house and the project was completed before the contractual completion date."  - Jack B., San Diego, CA

“This is our second remodel with Kevin. Once again, done on TIME! Great job! Just sorry we’re out of bathrooms! 🙂 He’s on speed dial in case we have another project.”   - Gary G., Encinitas

“Kevin told me to allow 25 days and it was done in just over two weeks.”  - Gina H., San Diego, CA

Call (888) 747-2013 or click here for a free consultation now!

3. Selections

With your permitted plan set in-hand, you'll be able to solidify finish materials, obtain lead times, and begin planning your project schedule. By "you" we mean your contractor, but you'll be included in the process. 

As your calendar comes into clarity, you'll be ready to begin planning for the fun part!

3. Execution

Demolition can be quick but it will be messy and loud. Even with hepa vacuums and thousands of dollars of equipment, including air scrubbers, etc., the process of demolition is always messy. 

Additionally, it is wise to plan for 10% flexion of the project calendar plus additional time for every change order or request for additional work. 

The project timeline can get emotional at about 60% completion. Remember that if you're feeling uneasy or antsy, your superintendent can address every question and concern you have as long as you share it with him.  

You'll be done in no time at all and ready to party! Fire up the barbecue, invite the neighbors! Time to celebrate your new kitchen and make some jealous neighbors! 

Why Choose Teknik for Your 15x15 Kitchen?

Let us be your guide as you strive to avoid the blunders that make our industry look bad. When you work with us, we help you avoid:

  • Late Completion  
  • Going Over Budget
  • Overuse of Subcontractors

Still apprehensive about calling? You'll be 100% protected with our Spoiled Rotten Customer Guarantee.

1 - Dream Design

Step 1: Dream Design

We’ll collaborate with you to transform your dark and outdated space into bright and inviting space.  It all starts with your free consultation so book now!

Step 2 - True Quote

Step 2: True Quote

You can trust our service agreement!  We get to know your home intimately before working on it to ensure we stick to budget with no change orders.

Step 3 - Complete On-Time

Step 3: Complete On-Time

We'll make your dream come true and do it on-time and on budget!  Then it's party time!  Perhaps leave out your friends who get jealous easily.

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