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Your Bathroom Remodel in 2022

Next to your kitchen, your bathroom has the most demand put on it to perform well for you and your family.  

Your bathroom, ideally, includes the following functionality: 

  • Bright and well-lit 

  • Operable window(s) and quiet 110 CFM (cubic feet per minute) vent fan. 

  • Durable waterproof flooring 

  • Minimal caulking around edges anywhere to minimize water traps over time 

  • Ample vanity storage & linen storage 

  • Ample countertop space, either on the vanity or a makeup station 

  • Large shower footprint 

  • Space to move around and add a bench or additional storage as needed 

When you contact us, we will as you several questions to uncover all your needs and make your free-consultation as informative as possible.   

Budgeting for Your Remodel

When considering the scope of your bathroom remodel, the first step is to determine your target budget range. You will need to have an overall budget consisting of two parts; the remodel portion and the finish material portion. 

The remodel portion will be your contractor's budget and includes labor, rough materials, vanities and linen cabinets.  

The finish material portion includes your plumbing fixtures, sconces or other lighting fixtures, tile and flooring materials. 

Check out our Bathroom Remodels in San Diego article to see typical price ranges for this last two years. Costs can increase from the ranges listed but they will never be less. Call us at 858-775-7628 to book your remote free consultation today! 

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Timeline for Your Remodel

The Pareto Principle, commonly referred to as the 80/20 principle, applies to the bathroom remodel timeline. Sometimes it's 70/30 or 60/40 but the principle is plain to see on every job. The majority of the bathroom remodeling work is complete in a smaller portion of time, and the smaller percentage of work, like very detail oriented or labor intensive trades. 

A great example of this is the first two weeks of your remodel contrasted by the last two weeks. The first 10 business days of your bathroom remodel will include demolition, clean up, framing, rough plumbing waterproofing, rough electrical and usually drywall.  

A lot of work gets accomplished in the middle including the most time-consuming trade of them all; tile. But just when the bathroom looks like it's ready for finishing touches and nearly ready, the custom glass shower glass measurements will be taken.  

The next ten business days, you'll be waiting for the ordering of the glass, fabrication, delivery & installation. Notice "how much was accomplished" is different but it's just the way the process goes.  

So don't worry too much if there are weeks where not a lot changes from day to day. Your contractor may be slacking, but you can't rely on your eyes alone to provide the evidence.  

To Wait or Not To Wait

Do not wait until your bathroom is in a state of disrepair to start your remodeling project. If you wait too long, water can get into all kinds of places that may balloon your costs. If the toilet flange is allowed to leak, you'll ruin your subfloor. If your waterproofing fails or your fiberglass shower insert breaks and is left alone, you'll cause dry rot, mold, and corrosion.  

Call 858-775-7628 today for more information on what it takes to execute your bathroom remodel quickly and on budget. We remodel individual bathrooms, but most of our families take care of all three bathrooms in one project. We can remodel them simultaneously but often do a 2/1 rhythm so there is always one bathroom in the house available for use. In rare cases when a family is out of town or able to use their gym showers, we can complete them simultaneously.  

Have multiple rooms you need to remodel? Check out our kitchens or process page to understand the benefits of our Perfect Remodel Process. 

Take It From Our Happy Customers

"Kevin had the work done as if it were his own house and the project was completed before the contractual completion date."  - Jack B., San Diego, CA

“This is our second remodel with Kevin. Once again, done on TIME! Great job! Just sorry we’re out of bathrooms! 🙂 He’s on speed dial in case we have another project.”   - Gary G., Encinitas

“Kevin told me to allow 25 days and it was done in just over two weeks.”  - Gina H., San Diego, CA

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Why Choose Teknik for Your 2022 Bathroom Remodel

  • Peace in our hearts and minds
  • Focus on the small daily choices that we can control
  • Harmony between our internal and external world

Dear husbands, wives, moms, and dads! We are in this with you. Please let us know how we can be of service to you. Please call if you would like to talk to someone.

1 - Dream Design

Step 1: Dream Design

We’ll collaborate with you to transform your dark and outdated space into bright and inviting space.  It all starts with your free consultation so book now!

Step 2 - True Quote

Step 2: True Quote

You can trust our service agreement!  We get to know your home intimately before working on it to ensure we stick to budget with no change orders.

Step 3 - Complete On-Time

Step 3: Complete On-Time

We'll make your dream come true and do it on-time and on budget!  Then it's party time!  Perhaps leave out your friends who get jealous easily.

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